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good evening, rachel. good evening, ed. thanks to you at home for staying with us the nexthour. it's now 40ays t fm enuglsveear like the election season gets longer and longer and longer, this last homestretch between the start of the debate until election day, this is always about the same amount of time. at least in recent elections. and so off on this date in 2004, which was the lastime we had forre-election, at this time on this date in that campaign, the campaign you might remember was all about iraq. >> at odds with the openful picture described by the president. mr. bush was challengeduring an interview with fox news about st ring msion compshedppeance t "uss abraham lincoln." >> would you do it again? >> you mean have the sign up there? >> no, no, go in there if the flight jacket? >> absolutely. >> you would? >> i'm saying to the troops on this carrier and elsewhere, thanks for serving america. absolutely. >> rorter: senator kerry today noticed since thateech more th 900di h d in iraq.
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>> so that was this date in the campaign in 2004. this date in the campaign in 2008, even though we were right in the middle of the meltdown of the finaial sector, still at the center of the campaign in 2008, at the first debate between john mccain andarack obama, wchashis dat f years ago, the focus was the war. in fact, both wars. >> do you, senator mccain, much has been said about the lessons of vietnam. what d you see as the lessons iraq? >> i tnk the lesf iraq are very clear that you cannot have a failed strategy. thanks to this great general david pa ttr,hey are succeeding and winning in iraq. >> whether we should have gone into the war in the first place. six years ago i stood up and opposed this war. we hadn't finished the job in afghanistan. we hadn't caught bin laden.
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we hadn't put al qaeda to rest. and as aconsnc i thought that it was going to be a distractio now, senator mccain and president bush had a very different judgment. >> so that was this date, 40 days out from the election in '0and 40 days out from the election in '04. in '04 the campaign was consume e of our wars. 40 days out from the election in '08, in the midst of the financial meltdown the campaign was consumed with both of the wars. now it's 2012 and we're 40 days out from the election this year and we are not quite as consumed with that issue, but we are still in one of ose wars. suur out is not a mutual decision by the two candidates. i mean, the democratic side, president obama, talks about the war in iraq that he ended and the war infghanistan he is still waging all thetime. he brings it up all the time. it is his republicanopponent, mr. roey,hoas general dois b avoid the subject altogether. i have to say, credit where
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credit's due. today while he still did not go there directly, at least, at last finally, today mitt romney got close to the sut. eavuge nrsf our men and women that are returning from conflict that are seeking counseling, psychological counseli, and can't find that counseling within our system. and, of course, record numbers of suicides. this is a crisis. >> that was mitt romney speaking today in ringfield, viin, to therigi and, no, he is still not apparently able to say anything about the war directly, but at least today where you saw him there, he did mention that this war has produced an outcome of war. which is american war veterans. neither the war nor its veran wementd, ocosen mr. roey's speech to the nation upon becoming his party's nominee for president. he's trying to fix the veterans part of that oversight. he really as a candidate still seems incapable of talking about the war heould be taking over as commander in ief.
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there were these dueling appearances in virginia before military heavy audiences in that military heavy state. president obama talking about ending the war in iraq, talking about his strategy in afghanistan. prident obama released a two minute tv ad today. sortf hiclosing argumentor his campaign ouathent sdo hlk withhe savings that we will obtain when we eventually end the war in afghanistan. but while mr. romney d mention veterans in his virginia speech today, he did not say what he would do to improve the problem that he identified for veterans. in fact, t waye td abo it iicat h might not know even which part of the government is supposed to fix a problem like that. and he still can't bring himself to talk about what he would do as commander in chief. he still can't bring himse to talk about the war that we are still in that is now producing new veterans every daynd is due to keepoing that for another couple of years. inth ectio ye, with any other candidate who was more capable of holding his own on this issue, we would be having a
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debate on this issue. we would be having a big national debate on this subject right now. because i very obviously needs bating. "wir" magazineodayubed ina aessmtrom the u.s. military in afghanistan. and it shows sort of inadvertently what the effect has been of the big obama troop surge in the war. in 2009, after he was inaugurated, and there was a summertime surge of violence and atcks ann, pridenobamtookeveral months in 2009 to do an intensive review of american strategy in the war. you'll remember that he announced that the end of that review, at the end of 2009 in december, th he s going to send tens of thousands more american troops into afghanistan. the idea, they said, waso blunt etalismentum. so here's the data he was looking at in terms of what the taliban's momentum was when he made his decision to send the surge. what you're looking at there on the left is the calendar year. it's what the military in afghantan calls enemy initiated attacks. l yeofig
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afghanistan all have that general sort of pattern where it peaks in the summer and drops in the winter. that's what they call the fighting season in afghanistan. looking at that, see what the overall level was. that was the first calendar year esident obama was president. after lookingt those numbers he decided to d the rge. s lnghen heentore troops at the end of that year. now, three years later after the surge has ended, this is the level of attacks in this calendar year in 2012. so over2010 and 2010 during the surge, right, we endured this lel ofeninte- 'sinthe surg endured that level of enemy-initiated attacks. w after the surge, after all of that blood and treasure and sacrifice, we have a new level which is higher than when we started. ta that's for enemniitd he's t same number for executed ied attacks. so bombs in afghanistan, right? here was the rather outrageously high numbers of bombs in afghanistan in 2009 when president obama was making his decision about the surge.
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thesare ieds. here's the level now. here's what we went through during the sge years. the interim years. that's 2010 and 2011. so, you know, it's possible to spin this as, oh, look, 2012 is slightly better than last year, looks like it might be, right? that wasn't the point. the idea was that it w supposed to get better than when we started the surge. this deadline that the pde t fo lnghe e of 2014 was prefaced on the idea that the surge would have created some better environment from which it would make sense we could leave because things would be better. if that promise is wrong and things after the surge are worse than before the surge, if things are not goin to get better by the time we areeto av thhy w stickingith that as still being the time to leave? when the pentagon announced the end of the surge last week, when they announced the surge was over, they talked less about blunting taliban momentum and more abo how the surge helped us tin lots of afghan security forces. in thry, lots of trained afghan security forces is a way
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afghanistan could get more safe. but right now it's also a way americans get killed. by the afghans we are training and arming. afghan troops a turning around and killing american troops they're supposed to be working with at such a rate now that the traini and joint operatis beeenhe fs eds h. and have only now started to scale back up. that's the circumstances in which 68,000 americans are putting their lives on the line right now while you watch this tv show. 68,000. there is a debate to have here about we are doing in afann. gssefterhe surge than they were before the surge. what was the surge for? why does the deadline for leaving stay the same if the surge was supposed to make things better and it didn't? if the replicans had picked a candidate who was capable of engaging in this debate, we would be hg de country. we did it in the last two elections when we were at war. we're still at war but we apparently can't do it in this election because mitt romney has nothing to say on this. it's n a debate. it's one guy talking and nobody
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answering. other republicans below the presendidate lel a willing to have this debate. this is from "the tampa bay times." "over and over, every time the subject of pulling troops out of afghanistan, republican congressman bill young has voted to stay the course. he opposed resolutions to withdraw and even a resolution toet timetableor withdrawal. but not anymore." "i think we should remove ourself from afghanistan as quickly as we can," says congressman young. "i just think we're killing kids that don't need to die." this is the longest serving republic member ong. hathbcttha futh pengonn the house. he describes himself as a stay the course politician, since the days of the vietnam war. but he now says he is done. he is over it. and you know what? he's not alone. most americans are done. we are over it. re tn twthir t coyayhe. ouldot invved in afghanistan anymore and that is not a partisan figure. when you're looking at 69%,
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that's too high to be a partisan figure if nothing else. there's a political debate to have here bween two responsible, competing ideas for what to do in the longest war in y 11 anthat is not slated to end this year and that is not slated to end next year and that is not slated to end until the end of the year of that. that, rit now, is the democratic party's position as embodied by the democratic president. does the republin party have a competing id nobo kno. >> it's six weeks before this election and we still don't really know what governor romney wants to do as president. that should make you worry. >> senator jim webb, formerav cretary, a vietnam war veteran, spoke with president obama today in virginia beach. and he went right at mr. romney on foreign policy and the wars. and he is -- he's right there when he says that we don't know what mr. rney would d if he
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beme president. ryaiecynd guely that he supports what president obama is doing in afghanistan in terms of there being a timeline for leaving but he has also said he was against a timeline for leaving in the past. so really who knows? he's not even trying. the closest we've gotten tony competing cogent republican posionhears pbl wh weot from senator john mccain at the republican convention when he said that the afghanistan war just shouldn't end. he also thinks that the iraq war shouldn't have ended. so i'm not sure that it's a politically viable position even if it is an iernally cogent one from the senator. fois's mi appantlyust t going to happen. not unless he starts it now. 40 days out, mitt romney did get as close as he gets to talking about the issue to in that he spoke before a group of veterans and talked about a concern about veterans. even ihe didn't say what he ntedo a tcon. romney, in fact, implied that the sequester that might result in defense cuts that his running mate paul ryan voted for, he implied that would ht
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suicide prevention programs for veterans even though the v.a. would be exempt from that, so i'm not sure he even understood what it was he was talking about. atst h tr least veterans got a mention from him. even if it didn't make sense in policy terms. you do know that defense and veteransre two different -- at some point it should be possible with 40 days left t say veterans have to be more than ju an applause ne. u t gose t r a photo op like the decommissioned battleship you used as a backdrop when you introduced paul ryan inexplicably in front of a battleship, another time when you didn mention the war. even if you're not willing to talk a tarar th y would be taking over, veterans are not a hypothetical construct. the way they're treated is not an esoteric consequence of how we feel about them as a nation or how much military spending we have which is how mitt romney described it today. 40 days out from the election th the israeli prime minister drawing an actual redline on a wicoyo acm style bomb at
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the united nations today when talking about iran. 40 days out with the surge in afghanistan looking like it did the opposite of what it was supposed to do, 40 days out with "the nework times" reporting that the romney campaign's big national security legal ideas avrentne resnd the ban torture on his first day in office. that's their big idea. that will help. 40 days out from the election, there has to be a way to build on this one small thing this republican campaign for the presidency seems capab of nd w iomo natial surit matters. if not for the country, if not for the candidate, then for the country we should try to be optimiic about this,right? mitt romney showed today he is capable, at least, of mentioning veterans and how veterans get treated even if he doesn't totally undetand the issue. e he n hale tt much, we cant let ta as starting point. i mean, in previous campaigns, yeah, we've been able to have debates about the wars. this year the republican not capable of handling that.
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maybe he can handle this. here's a simple ea. an american soldier gets kild in the war. thatol'silts payment. dependency and indemnity compensation for surviving spouses and children children. we're sorry your husband, your father, yo wife was killed. from the u.s. goment. u k w be o thssarn ict things we do as a country, right? the payment we make to surviving spouses and children. from time to time, that payment gets adjusted to reflect increases in the cost of living. right? that makes sense. one of the least controversi agthittaou pbl gome ainto well, a bill to adjust that payment for the cost of living was brought to the senate floor last thursday. it was expected to go ahead. no plmuss, no fuss, who's goingo argue with that? it was blocked by somne i goornear anunmed republican senator has put a hold on the cost of
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living adjustment to the surviving spouses and children's payment for soldiers killed in the war. the same hold is also affecting the disability payments to soldiers who are wounded in the war. some replican senator is we'tw o. goveor romney, here's a place to start. you are now the leader of the republican party. i realize you're having a hard time getting the training wheels off when it comes to national security, but here's an easy one. should that senator from your own party lift that hold on the ym toseple who we sort of owe it to? should a republican senator who's holding this up keep that hold in place or drop it? yore the leader of that party. do you have anything to say on this? here's another one. veterans jobs corps bill w ta a lwen this bill, a bipartisan bill, iraq and afghanistan veterans have an unemployment rate 35% higher than the rest of the country now. this bill comes to the senate floor and is blocked by republican senators.
9:16 pm
governor romney, you are now the ader of the republican pert. you're willingo talk about inur to lkut t war and even when you plainly don't understand the issue you're discussing. still, this is kind of an easy one. you could take a position on the veterans jobs bill. do you think the senators from your own party should stop blocking the veterans job cor ? onliim that you relaunched yourself since you ed losing so badly after the conventions, you said the way you were goingo relaunch is start getting specific. let's get specific. you won't getpecific on the war. you're obviously willing to mention veterans to get applause. why don't wetartthe? whr otheu, would be great for thecountry. we are 40 days out. hope springs eternal. mae this campaign can yet live up to what our politics are supposed to be. and what on the issue of the wars they have always previously been before you became one of the nominees and couldn't hane r tirepo t a way to solve problems. we've got problems. do you have anything to say about how to fix them? side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less.
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defeat. bin laden is dead. ap t subscribe to rold reagan's maxim that peace comes through strength. i wa to have a military that's so strong no one wants to tt it. you see, you want to -- >> president obama and mitt romney both making their case to veterans inirnia y. pdealki about ending our trillion-dollar wars, at least eventually, and his opponent talking about ronald reagan. joining us now, john stanton, washington bureau chief at "buzz feed" and it's been way too long since we've had you on show. congtulations on yr moy s "buzz feed"? >> it's awe? >> one of the things you did around the convention is you greyhound bused down there, and sort of went out of your way to talk to regular on the street folks who were not necessarily und pus. hg eir inio when you're doing sort of "man on the street" talking to people about politics, do people ever
9:22 pm
talk about the wars? >> they do. talking, particularly, i was in savannah and talking to church people that re feeding the oprking poor andomel there.f van some of the people i talked to on the bus were veterans. they feel like their plight as the working poor in this country, no one is really talking about the wars anymore. president obama talks about it, sort of generally, his accomplishments, but he doesn't talk about so much going forrd and what's going to happen. i think a lot of people have become fatigued with it. even these people, some of them have gone through it, or their families have gone through it, even they're sort of tired of deal with it almost. they want it to go away. >> the going forward part of it is the part i'm really hung up on. looking at those surge numbers today, i'm nurif our graphs totally showed it the way we laid those out. the violence the president was looking at in '09 when he surged the troops, it's worse now. we spent a lot of blood a time
9:23 pm
and lives to geto a situation that's worse. thidas iwoulge better and that's how we would tail out and live. it's hard to imagine that that policy isn't a matter of debate. do you feel like not only talking tovote ers, looking at the mp,t0 days, does it get there? >>. neither campaign wants to talk about it. mitt romney is doing barack obama a bit of a behavior by not engaging him on this thing. romney has difficulties but doesn't have any real experience, himself. paul ryan is a domestic guy. doesn't d afor poli stuff. by not talking about it, it lets obama off the hook a little bit because there is this problem of what happens next after the surge is over? you know, what happens with pulling out the troops? do we pull them out earlier like bi young is talking about? or do we keep them in longer in that debe is not happening. you know,onhiit caidate, frkly, proy had a particularly good answer for that. and i think that's sort of why
9:24 pm
we're seeing neither one of them really engaging hard on what's going to happen next in the war. >> the president is talking about the new tower on the new york skylin that tower is not done. talking about sings from ending the war inafis atar doesn't entil the end of 2014. anybody running against somebody who's taking those positions provided they had the slightest bit of confidence in our own position, it seems like a place to go. but i wonder if you see the roey campaign potentially bringing somebody else on who n handle it? y o heavyweight surrogates who can handle it? >> they could have brought in condi rice, brought in former generals, people from the bush administration who were not neocons. >> seconderm folks. icri. haven'tonehat wh they wento theesti focus on theice president, they needed to sort of bring somebody in. that is what joe biden did for obama in '08. that was the counter to john mccain. and they haven't done that. and i - it's going to be difficult for them to do that in the nextouple weeks. and goingnto that last debate
9:25 pm
whereygoto taing out is stuff, this is going be an issue, they're going to need to frame that up before they get there or it's going to be difficult for them to have much of a debate among, no, i'm better, i'm worse. >> i feel like we're i an unsustainable spot. these issues are being forced into discussion even if they can't be forced into the politics. i feel like reckoning is coming on this in political terms. john stanton, "buzz feed's" d.c. bureau chief. you do great work. >> pleasureo b here. all right. are you a college studt? y know any eg students? do you have any sense of how college students will vote this year if they vote? a bunch of political vigilantes who know how college students are likely to vote ts year have figured out how to stop studen from doing it. it is a very simple strategy and it is very stupi and that's next. oh, hey alex. just pickinup some, broch, ster copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here.
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i waited, i voted. at college, this was not your ordinary all nighter. >> i'm willing to wait as long as it takes for me to vote. >> reporter: hours after the polls were scheduled to close in ohio -- >> i've been here since 4:30. >> reporter: hundreds of student, professor and neighbors were still stuck in line, so here for more tn hour >> i'm not going to leave. i'm just going to make sure that every vote counts. >> reporter: why the wait? for 1,300 voters here, just 2 ballot boots available. >> people were voting about 40 per hour, so you do the math. >> in the '04 election,
9:30 pm
republican prent geoe buon caltef ohio with 50.8% of the vote. and he won a second term in office. in certain parts of ohio, for certain groups of people who tend to lean democratic, voting in that election that year meant waitingf lines for ten hours or more. for voter in mostly afrin-americ precincts enng was like anndurce in precincts used by college students, voting was an all day and into the night affair. the polls simply were not set up to accommodate everyon who wanted to vote. particularly democratic leaning constituencies. this time around, the national race,again, may all but depend on ohio tamy democratic constituencies are again finding that trying to vote is a challenge. and i use the word challenge on purpose. as we reported earlier this month, the tea party group in ohio called the voter integrity project claims to have found 730,000 suspect names that it wants pged off the voter rolls in . 730,000. we've now started to get a better sense of who this tea party group is challenging in terms of their registration and their right to vote.
9:31 pm
look at this. "the names selected for purging include hundreds of college students, trailer park residents, homeless peop,nd riamannt president obama won in 2008." "the l.a. times" reporting today the tea party reporter vigilantes are hone in on college stents in particular. the ohio voter integrity project challenged the voting rights of colle studtstota oberlin, ken state, and on and on and on and on. you have to give your name and state some kind of rson why you think the person you're challenging shouldn't be allowed to vote. you have to fill in this form, sign it under penalty of election ificio e , u tu it in. so what's the reason this self-appointed tea party group is giving for challenging the voting rights of all of these students at all thesehio colleges? well, "the l.a. times" reports the reason is, "failure to rm r numbers?room numbs.
9:32 pm
yes, it's legal to register to vote at your college if you live there, that's where you live. that's where you get to vote. students register to vote using their dorm addresses and this tea party vigilante group is trying to get the students thrown offhe rolls and banned fr votin lng their dorm but not their dorm room number. the silver lining here? "so far, every county election board that has reviewed the dorm room challenges found them invalid." every single one of those college kids ran the risk of beingisaned e tyker who fielded that challenge got that much more diverted from the work of getting ready for the election and making sure it runs smoothly and making sure people aren't disenfranchised and making sure the lines aren't too long. we are less than 40 days out. we are out -- well, we are 4 days out the ople w want your vote are really, really business zy now. so are the people who want to take your vote away. they're busy, too. questions?
9:33 pm
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just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meataf. go to for rci pa ab coun. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the website realclearpolitics is one of the places that aggregates poll
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numbers and offers averages for how specific races are going and specific states. based on those averages realclearpolitics changed its ranking of five different u.s. senate races. since the end of the democratic convention. prior to the conveion, they listed these thr states as leaning replican in senate ras. ldzondev an wisconsin as all leaning republican. well, now those are all moved into the tossup category. they no longer lean republican. now who know before the democratic convention, the two states that -- the two states they had lle ohio and michigan. well, now they have been shifted into the leans democratic category. so they've shifted five senate race since the conventions and all of the shifts have been toward the democrats. a political scienst nam larry sado at the uvey virnils promised probably the most famous individual person in the country who has long done this kind of ranking and characterizing of races. today in addition to moving five swing states in the direction of president obama, mr. sabato
9:37 pm
reatesed the republican direction. connecticut moved to tossup. montana moved to leans republican. maine moved from likely to leans democrat/independent. so thr of the 11 senate races he moved moved in the rrsabato moved eight senate races the other way toward the democrats. 8 of the 11 moved toward the democrat candidate. so 40 days yet t go, but that's a end. and votin is aea u w intts the country. for people who are favored to win their race, must feel great right now, right? because it's sort of almost over. but for people who are favored to lose right now,hey are potentially facing being cut loose by their donors. and that is happening toome people who you might not expect to be getting culoose. th nt.
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here's a look at the state of the race in the swing states. here's the new polling data we got today. new suffolk university poll showing president obama in virginia up by two points. al brand new nbc/"wall street journal" marist polling on tee othesw stas sng idobin na up by two. showing president obama in new hampshire up by seven. and showing president obama in north carolina also up by two. because early voting has already started in a majority of sng states, and in a majority of
9:42 pm
states, period, it'sot just a getxcited ce elon i upon us. really,serious seriously. get excited. it's upon us. it's already started. you can tell it's already started is in part because we're in the triage perd ofhel . tif elonr en people who are spending money in hopes of effecting the election's outcome start cutting their losses, ledgi hedging the and use their money instead in places they think it will make a difference. "the hill" newspaper reporting this week the republican party's house cpa cttee hadot tesd aeor a handful of incumbent republican congressmen. a sign that, quote, congressmen in question -- canceledwo weeks of its schuledd fo n cin democratic incumbent seen as vulnerable. quote, a sign he thinks he's a lost cause in the newly drawn
9:43 pm
heavily republican district. as this process starts to move forward, the emotion starts to ride high for the candidas getting cut off. is is the end of the campaign. if your funng i gng of it could be the end of the line for your candidacy. people get touchy at political triage time. they freak out. sometimes the way the freak-out manifests is the reporting gets reversed. yesterday in "thehill's" reporting in start of theriage seon, ngmae wf ilisone incumbents being triaged out of funding by the republicans' house campaign committee given the latest polling shows him losing to tay duckwth by 14 points didn't seem a surprising notion that the house campaign committee for the republicans might cut old joe w loo. i don't fknow what happened overnight, but this morning, new news on that. they're not cutting him loose at all. after yesterday's reporting that he was getting cut loose, today the republican house campaign committee says they are reseing that time for joe walsh. political triage is interting to watch.
9:44 pm
righ ithows yout highe st are at is point in the campaign. but, of course, this year the money is not just coming from the candidates and the parties' campaign committees. this year a huge amount of the money being cycled into the campaign comes from superpacs and other outside groups,ups at psumay be ing rig ir o before long. right now the news from the dark money world is mostly just about how much of it there is. and there is a lot of it. on the democratic leaning side, the blionaire george soros announced today he's giving 1 million bucks to a surpac that lf monks t superpacs supporting democratic congressional candidates. on the republica leaning side, ad buys, in the final stretch of the campaign. see em on the screen. multimillion dollar ad buys in some states. in se at trein adtates that neighbor swing states. this ad made by the american future fund. see, they're buying time in minnesota, not necsarily because minnesota is a swing
9:45 pm
state, but the media markets they're buying time in in minnesota they think overlap into wisconsin and parts of wa ia w tisin d iowa on the cheap. they'll be buying time in minnesota, but they'll be seen in these swing state -- by the swing stateoters in iowa and wisconsin, trying to get more bang for their advertising buck. bargain hunting makes sense if you're looking to get in on the 20 camign ads t muimft. it also makes sense in terms of understanding how effective the dark money groups are going to be compared to the actual campaigns. the "washington post" is up with a piece this week on an underreported advantage that the obama side has over the romney side. romney's financial advange is because the massive amounts of chei sis belf by the republican party and by outside interest groups. he has more superpac money working for him. but president obama has more of his own campaign money than the romney campaign has to spend. and it turns out not m re e. aionmoyois
9:46 pm
yourself for your campaign, is easily, more easily spent and sometimes more effectively spent than the superpac money. local tv stations, see, are required to give the campaigns, the real campaigns theirest deals on advertising time. there's no such reqrement in terms ofheayy tre superpacs. the "washington post" is reporting that in one ohio ad buy, set to run right before the election, the obama campaign is paying $125 for a tv spot. that spot isosting a 25er$900 f the same c 00 spot? that's a huge markup for being a superpac. what that means effectively is mr. romney and his supporters may have fewer resources than it appears they haveecse things ll cost more for them than ey do for the obama campaign. enour campaign is so fueled by superpacs and outside money, you get less bang for your buck than if you had more o your own money. being fueled by outside money carries a more ominous risk than
9:47 pm
the fact you're not going to have any bargains. you also have do cede control to the suacshen iom t ong her things. in terms of cutting their losses and hedging their bets and pulling their money out of unwinnable races, the superpacs have their own agendas, right? mittomney campaign is never going to cut and run from mitt romney. but couldn't the superpacs at some point ifhe polls stay the y ty a jidit ey running an unwinnable campaigntheir money might be better spent in down-ballot campaigns? when the superpacs do their political triage there's an option to c mitt romney loose. joining us now for "the intervw," vil doney loamil burton, a senior strategist for the pro-obama superpac, priorities usa action. bill, it's good to have you here. >> overlord is such a dirty word. >> it sounds better than it looks. it looksnice. then you say it out ud. >> i don't think it looks nice, either. >> g basic point right there about, about the
9:48 pm
money -- money outside the campaigns, money you've been raising and spending. it's at a disadvantage. you have to pay more for your ad time? >> the campaigns pay a much chr t tperpacs are able to pay. on the republican side, karl rove and the koch brothers have hundreds of millions of dollars so can put throwaway behind ads they're doing and can be up and have an impact. the truth is the campaigns are allowed to spend at a much cheaper lue. >> i kwhathe leg dictist e't sued to be any coordination between pacs supporting a candidate. superpacs supporting a candidate and the candidates' campaign. here's the thing i don't understand. i understand that means you can't sit down with david axelrod and say, okay, we're all going to focus on in can'you wait toee what the obama campaign is doing and copy them and backstop them. >> this has been a big disadvantage for the republican side. i feel bad for our counterparts over there. if you watch the romney campaign, what do yo think mitt
9:49 pm
?omney's messa and sateg e' wnus wre crossroads had an ad up about the debt. an ad up about jobs. americans for prosperity was advertising on solyndra. mitt romney was advertising on welfare reform. if you're on the superpac side tr tgureut w the ng g across, yohave no idea. welfare reform, $10 million behind that? seriously? >> the romney campaign has had trouble stays on message, picking a message and sticking with it, which has bn fun. if they couldtick with it, couldn't ty cn'u st choose to backstop whatever the campaign is doing, therefore colluding only in public by the virtue of the fact you were tching tv? >> right, you absolutely could. you know, the truth is, you know, there's an ark of a story that you try to tell. so on our side, you watch what the obama campa is doing. you watch what we're doin e' atey story. he started in his business career as a guy who, you know, bought companies, fired workers, made millions of dollars. went to become the governor o
9:50 pm
massachusetts. didn't do a great job. and here's what we wants to do for the country. on the republican side, the story that they tell about mitt romney is there is no story about mitt mn ths aut ympics over the course of the summer. the story they tell about barack obama is, well, he's all these bad well, he is all these bad things if you are trying to figure out what is the strategy here? it is a lot more dficult on eir . the spending has been erratic and they are probably not having as big of an impact. >> did you know that was the arc no matter what he did. did you have that mapped out? >> we sed iecember of last year. if he was going to make his businessism experience the center argument. we also knew that the ryan budget was the movemest toxic t
9:51 pm
that he was associated with. >> you thought you would be sticking him with the paul ryan budget before he picked paul ryan. >> i'm giving myself fridays off. >> not qte fys but it did make the job more straight forward. and geoe thorus pledged more money to yo today. whdidehaay and why didn't he do that before and what is the consequence of that? >> the consequence is that -- >> does it bring other rich democrats who gave to him, does it bng them out of the wowork >> is this the moment where we need to get involve snd. >> we are getting into this period where you are at the last moment where big investments are
9:52 pm
voting in the race. an make investments in television add ver advertisements. i think a lot of democrats are feeling the election is here and even though mitt romney has not rformed very well ove the la ts, president is barely knocking on 50% in the last two weeks. democrats are feeling the pressure and are concerned. >> when people are talking about ngbe a seven figure donation, you were on the campaign side of it with normal donors years ago. are really rich people concerned about different this?
9:53 pm
you if were giving to the campaign or to the supeac. you were giving to the things that democrats feel strongly about. >>earyo real quick the master of spin. your evil lordship. bill burton. good to see you man. still ahead tonight the best new thing in the world. now with 92 me world global indignation. 2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at swab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our excnge traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-80345-50 whnow have t lt opinpe d#805- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and even lower than vanguard. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that means with schwab,
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9:57 pm
usual. by this time next year,e will not be iran's president anymore. this was kind of it. the reasonryet excited this time of year is mr. ahmadinejad's speeches themselves, the reaso we circle this week in red pen on the calendar everyyear, is not us his offensive speeches, but the speck taable of everyone walking out on his ch they were packing up their papersnd walking out why he was speaking. and it is more of that tha we wereooking forward to this week. yeah, its walkn machmud
9:58 pm
week. until we saw this. u.s. delegation will not attend. how can you do this to us you cnot wk out a itting there. here is what it looked like on tv during ahmadinejad's speech. it doesn't have the se flare of getting up and storming out while he lks. th headlines this week said that canada's delegation walked out. but we scoured the video and we can never find the footage of the canadians leaving. so whether it was a walk out or a boycott, this week was not the
9:59 pm
usual fun for the moment of l come to know and love. for those of you who look forward to it. we have a greatest hits. 2010 when first the united states started to go followed by britain, spain,hees and then 33 delegations walked out. even costa rica snubbed iran that year. in may 22 nations giving him the one f salute while he kept talking. my favorite, it happened to take them in front of his podium to hno n md of much applause.

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